Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated in Soy Sauce

A fillet of raw fish for sashimi (image below) is called “Saku”, written “” or “” in Kanji.  You can get “Saku” of various fish easily in Japan, at fish shops or supermarket.

Maguro, Tuna

Today I’ve bought a “Saku” of Kihada-maguro (Yellowfin tuna), which is affordable among various tunas.

Maguro, Tuna
Maguro, Tuna
Kihada-maguro has yellow second dorsal fin and anal fin, so it was named “Kihada” written “黄肌” in Kanji literally “yellow skin”.
< 8 kinds of tuna>
There are eight varieties of tuna (Thunnus) in the world and unfortunately almost of them are listed in ICUN Red List of Threatened Species. 😢
– Kuro-maguro
– Taiseiyo-kuro-maguro
– Mimami-maguro
– Mebachi-maguro
– Binnaga-maguro
– Kihada-maguro
– Koshinaga-maguro
– Taiseiyo-maguro

Pacific bluefin tuna
Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)
Southern bluefin tuna
Bigeye tuna
Yellowfin tuna
Thunnus tonggl (Bleeker)
Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis)

EN : Endangered
EN : Endangered
CR : Critically Endangered
VU : Vulnerable
DD : Data Deficient
LC : Least Concern


I love “Zuke-maguro-don” rice bowl of tuna “Zuke-maguro”, that is raw tuna marinated in soy sauce, sake, and mirin.

<How to make “Zuke-maguro”>

Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated with Soy Sauce
Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated with Soy Sauce
Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated with Soy Sauce
Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated with Soy Sauce
  1. Boil soy sauce (2 tbs), sake (2 tbs), and mirin (3 tbs) in a sauce pan lightly, then cool it.
  2. Cut saku of tuna (120 g) into slivers.
  3. Marinate tuna in condiment of 2 for an hour in the refrigerator.
  4. Put fresh cooked rice (150 – 180g) in a bowl, and place nori seaweed and tuna.
  5. Topping radish sprout for garnish.


Today’s lunch : Zuke-maguro-don, miso soup of egg plant, and nukazuke pickles.
Tuna Rice Bowl, Marinated with Soy Sauce

is sashimi of tuna marinated in soy-sauce, sake, and mirin. 漬けまぐろ(づけまぐろ) literally “marinated tuna”
If you are interested in the other style of tuna rice bowl, here you see : ”Negi-Toro” Bowl – Tuna & Scallion

is a representative lactic acid bacteria pickles of Japan, which is made by fermenting vegetables in “Nuka” rice bran paste.  糠漬け(ぬかづけ) literally “rice-bran pickled”