Kinzanji Miso

“Okazu-miso” is a mixture of miso and various chopped vegetables.

“Okazu-miso” is eaten as a condiment, not as a side dish.  So it is written “おかず味噌” in Japanese, literally “side dish miso” (also known as “Name-miso“, “舐め味噌” literally “lick miso”).

Kinzanji miso

One of the most popular “Name-miso” is “Kinzanji-miso” from Wakayama Pref.
Altghough Kinzanji means a temple (“金山寺” literally gold mountain temple), it dose not exist in Japan.

It is said that Kukai “空海“, a Japanese monk in 8th century who studied in China and founded Shingon Buddhism, brought the side dish miso from Kinzanji temple of China and he cooked them as the meals for ascetic monks, and they expanded it across the country.


The ingredients of “Kinzanji-miso” is miso, Japanese Pickling Melon, egg plant, ginger, and Japanese perilla.  And it is important to use miso made of rice malt, barley malt, and soy malt.

Kinzanji miso
Kinzanji miso


Summer side dish :  Sliced cucumber dipping “Kinzanji-miso”.

Kinzanji miso

is a kind of “Okazu-miso” (also known as “Name-miso”)”, mixture of miso and various vegetables.   It is a traditional food of Wakayama Pref. 金山寺味噌(きんざんじみそ) literally “gold mountain temple miso”,  おかず味噌(おかずみそ) “side dish miso”, 舐め味噌(なめみそ) “lick miso”