“Rolled-Cabbage” meat-stuffed cabbage

We call a meat-stuffed cabbage “Rolled cabbage” which is popular as one of “Yoshoku” menu.

We say “Tada-ima” when coming home, and the response phrase is “Okaeri-nasai”.

Kyabetsu, Cabbage
It is a happiness that you have someone waiting you and preparing for you a hot meal.
Cooking of "Rolled-Cabbage" meat-stuffed cabbage
Cooking of "Rolled-Cabbage" meat-stuffed cabbage
I want hear you “Tada-ima, I’m home!”.


is very popular vegetable in Japan, especially in Kansai area. キャベツ(きゃべつ)
is a meat-stuffed cabbage. ロールキャベツ(ろーるきゃべつ)