Simmered Dish for winter season

It’s a Shiitake mushroom, that is an ingredient essential for Japanese food.

A shape of sliced Shiitake remind me a Cochlea organ in science textbooks.

Shiitake mushroom
Shiitake mushroom
Simmer Shiitake in soy sauce broth with other Japanese ingredeitns.

In a clockwise fashion, “Daikon” Japanese radish, Shiitake, “Yurine” lily bulb and “Abura-Age” deep flied tofu.

Simmered Dish for winter season
They are nutritious ingredients for winter season.


is a Lentinula edodes.  It is a representative Japanese mashroom.  椎茸(しいたけ) literally “Castanopsis mushroom”
is a Japanese radish, Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus. 大根(だいこん) literally “big root”
is a lily bulb. 百合根(ゆりね) literally “lily root”
is a deep fried thin tofu. 油揚げ(あぶらあげ) literally “fried in oil”