Simmered Mackerel in miso-based sauce

How drawn a pattern of fish? Alan Turing’s Patterns in Nature.

Turing patterns in fish.  We can also see that in mackerel skins.

Saba, Mackerel

Alan Turing, the English mathematician, in 1952 described the way in which non-uniformity (natural patterns such as 縞 stripes, 斑点 spots and 螺旋 spirals)  may arise narurally out of a homogeneous, uniform state.

Saba, Mackerel  Saba, Mackerel

Alan Turing is known as that he decrypted German intelligence codes for the British government during World War II.
“The Imitation Game” (American film, 2014) is  loosely based on his biography.

Simmered Mackerel in miso-based sauce

“Saba no Misoni” simmered Mackerel in miso-based sauce is very popular dish, sliced ginger topping.


is a mackerel.  鯖(さば) literally “blue fish”
is a dish simmered in miso based sauce. 味噌煮(みそに) literally 味噌 “miso” and 煮 “simmered”