“Gobo” Burdock Confit

Botanically burdock belongs to the family of Asteraceae, in the genus of Arctium.

It’s called “Gobo” in Japanese, that was come down from China a long, long time ago.

Gobo, Burdock

This is a special variety of Gobo.  It is “Uda-Kin-Gobo” cultivated in Uda City of Nara pref.  It is one of Yamato traditional vegetables.
* Yamato means ancient name of Nara during the 8th century.

Gobo, Burdock
Gobo, Burdock
Cooked slowly in oil, at a lower temperature than deep frying.
Cooking of "Gobo" Burdock Confit
Cooking of "Gobo" Burdock Confit
Cooking of "Gobo" Burdock Confit
Getting gradually-softening, it’s amazing!
"Gobo" Burdock Confit
Serve with soy sauce and sake (Nihon-shu) based dressing,  and topping sliced ginger.


is a burdock root. 牛蒡(ごぼう)
is a type of Gobo cultivated in Uda City. 宇陀金牛蒡(うだきんごぼう) literally  “glowing gobo of Uda City”
is an another name of Sake. 日本酒(にほんしゅ) literally  “Japanese sake”