Simmered “Buri” Yellowtail & “Daikon” japanese radish

“Buri-Daikon” is a popular dish during the winter season.

“Buri-Daikon” is a name of simmered yellowtail (Japanese amberjack) and japanese radish.  Both ingredients are just in season, winter.

Buri, Yellowtail
Utagawa Hiroshige was a Ukiyoe artist who is one of the great master of that tradition.
His work came to have a marked influence on Western painting in the second half of 19th century, the trend in Japonism.

Blue used in his works is known as “Hiroshsige Blue”, it’s a type of “Ai-Iro” in Japanese.


(wikipedia common)
In this Hirosige’s work , Buri was drawn with beautiful “Hirosige Bule”.

Cooking of Simmered "Buri" Yellowtail & "Daikon" Japanese radish
Cooking of Simmered "Buri" Yellowtail & "Daikon" Japanese radish
Simmer Buri and Daikon in soy sauce based broth.
Simmered "Buri" Yellowtail & "Daikon" Japanese radish
Serve sliced ginger topping.

is a Yellowtail (Japanese amberjack). 鰤(ぶり)
is a Japanese radish. 大根(だいこん) literally “big root”