“Harusame-Salad” Glass Noodles Salad

Glass noodles are made of a potato starch or a mung bean starch.

Japanese glass noodles “Harusame” are almost made of a potato starch.

Here these are made of mung bean starch “Ryokuto-Harusame”, an imported production from China.
What difference between a potato starch and mung bean starch as raw materials for glass noodles?

Harusame, Glass noodles
– Potato starch : Gelatinization temperature is lower than mung bean starch and it dose not form a rigid gel upon cooling.  Glass noodles of potato are soft.
– Mung bean starch :  Gelatinization temperature is higher than potato starch and it forms a rigid gel upon cooling.  Glass noodles of mung bean are resilient.
Harusame, Glass noodles
Boil glass noodles for a few minutes and fan them to cool it down.  Mixed glass noodles, cucumber, ham and sesame with vinegar, sesame oil and salt.  If desired, add a little bit doubanjiang.
"Harusame-Salad" Glass Noodles Salad

is a common glass noodle made of a potato starch.  春雨(はるさめ)  literally “spring rain”
is a gralls noodle made of a mung bean starch . 緑豆春雨(りょくとうはるさめ)  literally “green bean harusame”
is a starch. 澱粉(でんぷん) literally “starch powder”