Salted Dried Mackerel à l’Acqua Pazza

Used “Shio-Saba” popular Japanese food, mackerel fillets preserved in salt

“Shio-Saba” salted dried mackerel fillets is a very popular for “Washoku”.  Commonly it is grilled “Saba no ShioYaki” and it’s served with Daikon-Oroshi, grated Japanese radish.  It is useful even more than Washoku, so today I cook à l’Acqua Pazza with it.

Prepare parsley and tomato.

Fry Shio-Saba in a pan, and simmer it with parsley and tomato in soup broth.
Salted Dried Mackerel à l'Acqua Pazza
Easy, tasty and good for your budget.
Salted Dried Mackerel à l'Acqua Pazza
Not only for dinner, also for breakfast on the following morning.
Salted Dried Mackerel à l'Acqua Pazza

is salt.  塩(しお)
is a mackerel. 鯖(さば) literally “blue fish”
is a mackerel fillets preserved in salt, easy to get at any supermarket.  塩鯖(しおさば) literally “salt mackerel”
is a Japanese-style meal, Japanese cuisine. 和食(わしょく)   * 和 is important Kanji for Japanese, it has widely meanings.  Here literally “Japanese”