Two dishes of fresh “Ki-Kurage” wood ear

Today I was able to get a fresh “Ki-Kurage”, which commonly is sold dried.

It is a auricularia auricula-judae, maybe known as Jew’s ear, wood ear, jelly ear or cloud ear.

Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
I was able to get fresh Ki-Kurage, which is cooked after boiling lightly.

Let’s make pancakes of Ki-Kurage, mixed with tofu, Hanpen and Mentaiko.  Crunch of Ki-Kurage in soft of tohu and hanpen, the difference in texture is very so nice.

Dish of Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
Dish of Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
Dish of Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
Fry them in a pan.
Dish of Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
Venegared Ki-Kurage, Wood ear
Another dish is “Suno-mono” rice vinegar-based salad, sliced ginger toppings.


is a wood ear.  木耳(きくらげ) literally “wood ear”
is also known bean curd. 豆腐(とうふ) literally “fermented beans”
is a fish-cake made of fish paste and yam.  半片(はんぺん) literally uncertain, different stories about the origin of 半片, also written 半弁, 半平, 鱧餅
is a salted ovary of Alaska pollock or walleye pollack with chili peppers. 明太子(めんたいこ)   * literally “ovary of Alaska pollock”