Simmered “Sanma” Saury with Umeboshi & Soy Sauce

Have you ever thought why saury fish is silver aglitter?

Silver part of the body surface is composed of purine base called “guanine”.  The plate crystals of guanine overlapped in many layers reflect the light.
We call these type fish which “Ao-Zakana”, saury is one of them.

Sanma, Saury
Ao-Zakana has a blue back and white abdomen because that is an apatetic coloration, from top down blue color of sea, from bottom up white color of sunshine.
Sanma, Saury
Sanma, Saury
Even more it is protected from the predators by the bodywide silver color.
Sanma, Saury
Simmer “Sanma” with Umeboshi in soy sauce based broth added ginger and wakame.
Sanma, Saury
Cooking of Simmered "Sanma" Saury with Umeboshi & Soy Sauce
It’s a traditional meal.
Simmered "Sanma" Saury with Umeboshi & Soy Sauce

is a saury.  秋刀魚(さんま) literally “autumn sword fish”
is a blue-backed fish, various kinds of “shiny” (silvery scales)  fish including saury, sardine, mackerel, Japanese horse mackerel, flying fish 青魚(あおざかな) literally “blue fish”  It’s also called “Hikari-Mono” in Sushi   光もの(ひかりもの) literally “shiny thing”
is a pickled Japanese plum “Ume”.  梅干し(うめぼし) literally “dried plum”