“Sanshoku-Don” Three Colors Bowl

Rice bowl with chicken crumble, scrambled egg and snap pea.

Japanese chicken crumbles “Tori-Soboro” are very popular ingredient for bowl “Donburi”, Obento, Onigiri etc.
This Donburi is called “Sanshoku-Don” meanings three colors bowl, and also “Soboro-Don”.

"Sanshoku-Don" Three Colors Bowl
Let’s make chicken crumbles.  It is very easy and it takes in a little over half an hour.
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
Ingredients : ground chicken (200g), water ( 1/2cup), sake (1/4cup), soy sauce (1.5tbs), sugar (1.5tbs), salt and ginger squeeze (0.5tbs).
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
Simmer them over low heat slowly, stirring with some chopsticks.
Cooking of Tori-Soboro
It is very applied to various dishes and freeze well.  So it would be helpful for your busy day.


is a Japanese chicken crumbles.  鶏そぼろ(とりそぼろ)
is a rice bowl with Soboro, egg and greens.  三色丼(さんしょくどん) literally “three colors bowl”
is a rice bowl with Soboro.  そぼろ丼(そぼろ丼) literally “chicken crumbles bowl”