Simmered “Yukina” Nappa & Aburage

“Yukina” is a winter vegetable and one of several Nappa green varieties.

“Yukina” is a common name of cultivated vegetables in the snowy region, Yamagata pref. and Sendai city of Miyagi pref.

It is wrinkled up with the cold and the frost.


Simmer Yukina with Abura-Age in soy sauce based broth.

The softly bitter taste of Yukina make me feel an anticipation of spring coming.
Simmered "Yukina" Nappa & Aburage

is one of several Nappa green varieties.  雪菜(ゆきな) literally “snow vegetable”
is a generic name of vegetables family of Brassicaceae.  菜っ葉(なっぱ) literally “vegetable leaves”