Pressed Sushi “Oshi-Zushi” for “Hina-Matsuri”

Hina-Matsuri is a special day for girls in Japan.

“Ume” Japanese plum is now blooming!   I love this fragrant.  In March we have a special day for girls, “Hina-Matsuri”.

Ume, Japanese plum blossom
March 3 is a Girls’ Day in Japan.
In this day there is a habit of eating sushi, because sushi is a festive meal.  Sushi is written “寿司” in Kanji.    literally 寿 “longevity and celebration”, 司 “govern”.
Pressed Sushi "Oshi-Zushi" for "Hina-Matsuri"
These are kitchen utensils, “Oke” flat bowl, “Shamoji” rice scoop and “Oshigata” sushi mold.

Tools of Pressed Sushi
I often use a rice vinegar brand of Sukiyabashi Jiro which is a sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.  It is owned and operated by sushi master Jiro Ono.  The Michelin Guide has awarded it 3 stars.
Pressed Sushi "Oshi-Zushi" for "Hina-Matsuri"

is a pressed sushi.  押し寿司(おしずし) literally “pressed sushi”
is a Girls’ Day in Japan, March 3.  雛祭り(ひなまつり) literally “festival for tiny”