“Shirasu-Don” Boiled Whitebait Bowl

“Shirasu” is a very popular ingredient in our country.

Rice bowl with topping Shirasu and radish sprouts.  If desired, add a raw yolk egg and soy sauce.

"Shirasu-Don" Boiled Whitebait Bowl


“Shirasu” is a common name of boiled white young fishes, mainly anchovy.

The name changes depend on the moisture ;
about 85%     Kama-Age
from 50 to 60%   Shirasu-Boshi
from 25 to 35%   Chirimen, also Kachiri


And the name of fish also changes depend on the size ;
from 2 to 3 centimeter    Shirasu
from 3 to 5 centimeter    Kaeri-Jako
more than 5 centimeter  Iwashi

is a boiled whitebait, which is a collective term for the immature fry of fish such as sardines and anchovies. 白子(しらす) literally “small white”