“Junsai” Brasenia Schreberi Soup

“Junsai” is a kind of water weed like the same as water lily.

Junsai, Brasenia schreberi.  It is easy to get boiled Junsai at supermarket, but wild Junsai is at risk of extinction in Japan.
According to Japanese Red Data

Junsai, Brasenia schreberi
Junsaiis is covered with gelatinous coating.
Junsai, Brasenia schreberi
Junsai, Brasenia schreberi

Dashi broth soup with Junsai and radish sprouts.

"Junsai" Brasenia Schreberi Soup

is a Brasenia Schreberi.  蓴菜(じゅんさい) literally “pond bond vegetable”    *蓴 means 沼縄(ぬなわ)