“Mentaiko” Spaghetti with Tomato

Mentaiko is a marinated roe of “Suketou-Dara” Walleye Pollack with red pepper.

Today’s recipe for lunch is a cold spaghetti with Mentaiko and tomato cream sauce.

Mentaiko and tomatoes

After wash boiled spaghetti under cool running water, toss them with Mentaiko, cream and tomatoes.  Simple and tasty!

"Mentaiko" Spaghetti with Tomato

is a marinated roe of Walleye Pollack with red pepper.  明太子 literally “pollack child, roe” which comes from regional name of pollack, “Mintai” or “Mentai”
is a Walleye Pollack.  助惣鱈(すけとうだら)  literally uncertain, different stories about the origin of 助惣.  鱈 means pollack literally “snow fish”
is a Japanese popular recipe invented by the restaurant “Kabe no Ana” at Shibuya, Tokyo in 1967. 
is often used as the same meaning with Mentaiko. But Tarako is in a more broad sense, include marinated with only salt and also with salt and red pepper. Mentaiko is not used for the marinated of the only salt.