Rolled Omlet “Tamago-Yaki”

One of great favorite food of Japanese, Yes of course “Tamago-Yaki”.

“Tamago-Yaki” is a great favorite for all Japanese people irrespective of age or sex.

Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"
Tamago-Yaki is a rolled omlet made of egg, dashi broth and soy sauce.

How about sugar?
To be added sugar, or not to be added?  That is the question. :)

It is different between Tokyo style and Kansai style. Generally in Kanto region sugar is added, in Kansai region not added.  I prefer the Kansai style.  But even if in Kansai, it will be added in the case of Tamago-Yaki for Sushi.

Tamago, Egg
Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"
Obento with Tamago-Yaki
Obento with Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"
Onigiri with Tamago-Yaki
Breakfast with Tamago-Yaki
Rice Ball with Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"
Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"
Breakfast with Rolled Omlet "Tamago-Yaki"

is a rolled omelet.  卵焼き(たまごやき) literally “grilled egg”