Sea Grapes Vinegared Salad

It is also known as green caviar, what is this?

It is a Caulerpa lentillifera, one of the favored species of edible Caulerpa.
Although Japanese name is “Kubire-Zuta”, commonly it’s called “Umi-Budo” literally “sea grape”.

Umi-Budo, Sea Grapes
Umi-Budo is a popular sea weed in Okinawa pref.
Umi-Budo, Sea Grapes
Umi-Budo, Sea Grapes
If you buy Umi-Budo at a supermarket, don’t store them in the fridge.  Because they are alive and photosynthesize, and so it need sunlight and carbon dioxide.
Umi-Budo, Sea Grapes
With “Sanbai-Zu” dressing, enjoy the bubble wrap texture of Umi-Budo!


is a common name of sea grape, edible Caulerpa. 海葡萄(うみぶどう) literally “sea grape”
is a Japanese formal name of sea grape.  括れ蔦(くびれずた) literally “constricted ivy”
is a kind of rice vinegar-based dressing of Japanese food.  It is a blend of rice vinegar, mirin and soy sauce, which proportion rate in principle is 1:1:1.  三杯酢(さんばいず) literally “vinegar of three tbs”