“Soki-Soba” and “Yushi-Dofu”

These are traditional dishes in Okinawa region which are nutritious, mild and of course tasty.

“Soki-Soba” is a popular noodle soup, which is with topping of “Soki” stewed pork spare ribs.  Although it is called “Soba”, it is different from common “Soba” of buckwheat.  It is made of  wheat flour and similar to Ramen noodle.  Today I use”Ume-Boshi” topping as a substitute for “Beni-Shoga”, normally used Beni-Shoga topping.

Soki-Soba, Okinawa noodle

This is a kind of Tofu, which is called “Yushi-Dofu”.  It is not pressed after coagulating soybean milk with “Nigari” bittern.
Serve “Ushi-Dofu” heated softly and grated ginger topping.  Add soy sauce to taste.

Ushi-Dofu, Tofu

is a hot noodle soup with stewed soki (pork spare ribs)  on top, which noodle is made of  wheat flour. ソーキ蕎麦(そーきそば) literally “pork spare ribs Soba”
is a pickled Japanese plum “Ume”.  梅干し(うめぼし) literally “dried plum”
is a pickled in vinegar with red perilla.  紅生姜(べにしょうが) literally “red ginger”
is a non-pressed Tofu after coagulating soybean milk with “Nigari” bittern.   ゆし豆腐(ゆしどうふ)