Lumaconi with Broad Bean “Sora-Mame”

The shape of peeled broad bean is interesting.

Broad Bean is called “Sora-Mame” which is written “空豆” also “蚕豆“.

Soramame, Broad Bean
空豆” literally “sky bean” meaning of growing pods forward the sky, and “蚕豆” literally “silkworm bean” meaning of similar to the silkworm in shape.

Like laughing
This strange shape is for what?
Soramame, Broad Bean
Soramame, Broad Bean
These are Lumaconi, which name means large snailshell-shaped pieces and they have also interesting shape.

Both are interesting in shape.

Cooking of Lumaconi with Broad Bean "Sora-Mame"
With tomato meat sauce, one bite fabulous world.
Lumaconi with Broad Bean "Sora-Mame"

is a broad Bean.  空豆(そらまめ) literally “sky bean”,  also written in 蚕豆(そらまめ) literally “silkworm bean”