“Mochi” Japanese Rice Cake Soup

Mochi rice cake is popular during winter.

“Mochi” is made of “Mochigome” a short-grain japonica glutinous rice.  Generally Mochi is grilled on “Yaki-Ami” net for grill.

Mochi, Japanese Rice Cake

FYI, the vegetable in the back are arrowhead “Kuwai”


If roasted in oven, Mochi will change such as like this photo.  If you eat as it is, the roasted cooking is not recommendable. 😉  But if you eat it as a ingredients for a soup, it is an easy way.

Mochi, Japanese Rice Cake

Today’s breakfast is Mochi soup, roasted in oven.

"Mochi" Japanese Rice Cake Soup

is a rice cake, which is made of “Mochigome” a short-grain japonica glutinous rice.  餅(もち)  literally uncertain, the exact etymology is unclear .
is an arrowhead, Sagittaria trifolia L. ‘Caerulea’.  慈姑(くわい) literally uncertain, there are some story in its origin.