Mioga Ginger Vinegared Salad

How beautiful the lace pattern Mioga draws!!

“Mioga” is a mioga ginger (Zingiber mioga).  Especially the part of flower bud is called “Hana-Mioga” literally “flower mioga”.
This photo is a horizontal cross-section of “Hana-Mioga”.

Mioga ginger, Zingiber mioga
It’s so beautiful!  I have been quite fascinated.
The wine red color is dyed by the Malvidin, that is a kind of anthocyanidin.
Mioga ginger, Zingiber mioga
Mioga ginger, Zingiber mioga
Mioga Ginger Vinegared Salad with sliced cucumber and Chirimen-jako.
dressing ingredient : rice vinegar, dashi broth, soy sauce and salt.
Mioga Ginger Vinegared Salad

・Mioga / Myoga
is a Mioga ginger, Zingiber mioga.  I feel the early summer to the scent of mioga.  茗荷(みょうが) literally uncertain, there are some story in its origin.
・Hana-Mioga / Hana-Myoga
is a flower bud of Mioga.  花茗荷(はなみょうが)  literally “flower mioga”
is a boiled and dried whitebait.  縮緬雑魚(ちりめんじゃこ) literally “wrinkle minnow”