Cheese Stuffed “Hanpen”

“Hanpen” is soft, springy, fluffy… You can not believe that it is made from fish probably.

“Hanpen” is a boiled or steamed fish cake made of minced fish, mainly Alaska pollock, and yam paste.

Cooking of Cheese Stuffed "Hanpen"
Originally, it is a local food that had been eating only around the Kanto region.
Cooking of Cheese Stuffed "Hanpen"
Cheese Stuffed "Hanpen"
Although now it is sold through the Japan, it is consumed mostly in that region.

is a fish-cake made of fish paste and yam.  半片(はんぺん) literally “half piece” but the origin is uncertain, that has different stories about the origin of 半片, also written 半弁, 半平, 鱧餅