“Hiyashi-Chuka” Cold Ramen

Routine lunch for summer season!

Hiyashi-Chuka is a Japanese chilled noodle with various toppings and it is a good dish for burning off some summer heat.

"Hiyashi-Chuka" Cold Ramen
Cooking of "Hiyashi-Chuka" Cold Ramen


Today’s toppings are “Kinshi-Tamago” shred of Tamagoyaki, cucumber, ham, “Wakame”, “Moyashi” bean sprout, and

thin strips of “Beni-Shoga” that is ginger pickled in Umeboshi-vinegar “Ume-Zu”.

“Moyashi” is inexpensive , so good friend of payday before :)  One bag maybe cost 20-40 yen.
Moyashi, Bean sprout

is a Japanese chilled noodle with various toppings. It is called also “Remen” in Kansai region, but in Kanto region “Remen” means Korean chilled noodle. 冷やし中華(ひやしちゅうか) literally “chilled Chinese dish”
is thin strips of Tamagoyaki.  錦糸卵(きんしたまご) literally “colorful string egg”
is a bean sprout. Mainly three kinds of beans are used, mung bean (green gram), black gram and soy bean .  モヤシ(もやし
is a ginger pickled in Umeboshi-vinegar “Ume-Zu”.  The color of red is dyed by red perilla.  紅生姜(べにしょうが) literally “red fresh ginger”