Sausage Pot-Au-Feu

Onion studded with cloves, which is indispensable to the pot-au-feu.

Onion and Clove


Clove is an aromatic flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum, which are native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia.


It is called by the same name “clove” in Japanese, but the formal Japanese name is “Choji”.
It is written “丁子” literally “nail box child”.

Clove has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time.
Cooking of Sausage Pot-Au-Feu
And it was also used as an aroma chemical of hair wax styling during the Edo period.
Sumo wrestlers “Rikishi” still are using it .
Sausage Pot-Au-Feu

is a clove, an aromatic flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum. It is called also the same name as English “clove”.  丁子(ちょうじ) literally “nail box child”