“Maruchan-Yakisoba” Noodle Stir Fry

“Maruchan-Yakisoba” is taste of nostalgic the Showa period.

"Maruchan-Yakisoba" Noodle


In November 1975 , Toyo Suisan began selling “Maruchan-Yakisoba” that is chilled noodle for 3 persons,  and attached with 3 mini seasoning packages of Japanese-Worcestershire-sauce based powder.


Among the products of Toyo Suisan , it’s the most -selling products in the year even now .

I want to eat occasionally , even into adulthood.  It is a nostalgic and cozy taste of the Showa period.
"Maruchan-Yakisoba" Noodle Stir Fry

Today’s ingredients are “Moyashi” bean sprout, “Piman” green pepper, “Hakusai” nappa cabbage, and sliced pork ribs.

Moyashi, Bean sprout
Piman, Gree bell pepper
Hakusai, Napa cabbage
is a stir fried noodle with Japanese Japanese Worcestershire sauce.  焼きそば  literally “stir fried noodle”
is a bean sprout. Mainly three kinds of beans are used, mung bean (green gram), black gram and soy bean .  モヤシ(もやし
is a green pepper.  ピーマン(ぴーまん)
is a napa cabbage.  白菜(はくさい) literally “white vegetable”