Fried Sea Trout and Shrimp

I prefer using new oil for fried food.

I think that new oil has the freshness which is allowed only for the first use.  And it complements the ingredients and draws the best out of them.

Fried Sea Trout and Shrimp
With frying the sea trout, I suddenly recalled the writings of Roland Barthes.


” Tempura is stripped of the meaning we traditionally attach to fried food, which is heaviness.

The oil ( but is this oil — are we really dealing with the maternal substance, the oily? ),

 tempura restaurants are classified according to the degree of freshness of the oil they use: the most expensive ones use new oil, which is ultimately sold to less pretentious restaurants, and so forth; it is not the foodstuff the diner pays for, or even its freshness ( still less the status of the premises or the service ), it is the virginity of its cooking. ”

– EMPIRE OF SIGNS – ROLAND BARTHES  translated by Richard Howard –

Cooking of Fried Sea Trout
Cooking of Fried Sea Trout

「 《天ぷら》にあっては、フランス人がむかしからフライに与えてきた意味感、重さという感覚が取り払われている。


《天ぷら》の料理店は、そこで用いる油の消耗度に応じて等級づけされる。最上級の店は、新しい油。それはいったん使用されると、もっと等級の下った店に転売される。以下、これに準じる。お客が買うのは食べものでもなく、食べもののすがすがしさでもなくて(まして、店のある場所やサーヴィスの快適さではなくて)料理を作る油の処女性なのである。 」

『表徴の帝国』 “L’Empire des signes” 宗左近訳

Fried Sea Trout and Shrimp

is an oil.  油  literally “oil”
is a purified vegetable oil that is popular as fry oil.  It is used any of the following nine seeds; canola, soy, corn, sunflower, sesame, safflower, cotton, rice, peanut.  サラダ油(さらだゆ) literally “salad oil”