Three kinds of Sashimi with Wasabi

Wasabi is indispensable to Japanese cuisine, especially Sashimi and Sushi.

Three kinds of Sashimi are “Katsuo” bonito, “Magochi” Platycephalus and “Hotate” scallop with radish sprouts and shredded Mioga.
Shredded vegetables served with Sashimi is called “Tsuma”, also “Ken”.

Three kinds of Sashimi with Wasabi
Freshly grated “Wasabi” is awesome!!  I hope that you try to taste the authentic “Wasabi”.  (The tube wasabi and the powder wasabi are mostly made of “Wasabi-Daikon”, that is not “Wasabi”.)


It is important to gratee the “Wasabi” just before eating.


is an bonito.  鰹  literally “hard fish”
is a Platycephalus.  真鯒(まごち) literally “genuine dance fish”
is a scallop (Mizuhopecten yessoensis).  帆立(ほたて) literally “hoist a sail”
is a Japanese horseradish, Eutrema japonicum (Wasabia japonica).  山葵(わさび) literally “mountain malvaceae”