Japanese Curry Rice

Japan curry rice is loved by all people regardless of age or sex.

Origin of Japanese rice curry trace back to the Meiji period.  It was introduced to Japan from England in the latter part of 19th century.
It has been customized to suit the Japanese tast, in particular so as to match the rice.


In Japan so many kinds of curry roux are commercialized.  If you go to supermarket, you would get lost for the choice.
If you try the common homemade taste of Japanese curry rice, these are recommend :)

“Vermont Curry”
“Kokumaro Curry”
“Nidan Juku Curry”
“Golden Curry”
“Jawa Curry”


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House Foods Corporation
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・Japanese Curry Rice
is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.  The sauce is very thickened to match the rice.  カレーライス(カレーライス