“Tonteki” Japanese Pork Steak

Mouth-watering dishes for the young and adult men.

In Yotsukaichi city of Mie pref. there are pork steak called “Yotsukaichi Tonteki”.

“Yokkaichi Tonteki” is is defined as follows:
(1)  Blackish color and dark taste source
(2)Use thick piece of pork loin
(3) Garlic added to steak
(4) Accompanying shredded cabbage

"Tonteki" Japanese Pork Steak
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If you are interested in the authentic one, here is “Yotsukaichi Tonteki”  and the map of 50 restaurants in Yotsukaichi city.


is a pork steak.  豚てき(とんてき) literally “pork steak”