Somen Noodle with Cold Eggplant

“Somen” is very thin white Japanese noodle made of wheat flour.

There are some kinds of  white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour, “Udon”, “Hiyamugi.

Somen Noodle with Cold Eggplant


Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) is defined as follows.

in diameter
– Somen       less than 1.3 mm
– Hiyamugi  1.3 mm-1.7 mm
– Udon         more than 1.7 mm

However in the case of handmade noodles, “Somen” and “Hiyamugi” are applied the same criteria less than 1.7 mm in diameter.

* Noodles of ramen are made of wheat flour and “Kansui”, so not referred this criteria.

Somen noodle


One of today’s toppings is “Hiyashi-Nasu” chilled eggplant.
Eggplant is from now on season, summer.


Cook them in boiling water, drain fluid by a weight.  Then cool until cold in the refrigerator.

Eggplant to bathing.  Water-soluble anthocyanin-based dye of eggplants are good bath salts.

Today’s toppings : half-boiled egg, common bean, scallion, wakame, natto, mioga, eggplant  with soy-sauce-based dashi broth.

is a eggplant. 茄子(なす)  literally uncertain, there are some story in its origin.