Rolled Omelette with Scallion

Japanese people love the egg dishes! Egg consumption of Japanese is the third largest in the world.

Per-capita egg consumption of the year 2013, according to the International Egg Commission (IEC)
Top 5 :  Mexico with 347 eggs,  Malaysia with 331.45,  Japan with 329, China with 300, USA with 251.

There are a variety of egg recipe as Japanese cuisine.  Tamago-Yaki (Japanese rolled omelet), Omurice (fried ketchup rice wrapped with egg), Iri-Tamago, Tamago-Toji, Kinshi-Tamago, Chawan-Mushi, etc.  If given the opportunity, I would like to introduce them on this site.

Cooking of Rolled Omelette with Scallion

Today’s egg recipe is Rolled omelet with scallion. “Negi-Iri-Tamagoyaki”

Cooking of Rolled Omelette with Scallion
Cooking of Rolled Omelette with Scallion
If you have a square frying pan, rolled omelet is easy to make.

The direction of winding the omelet?
The first roll is from the front to the back, after the second are from the back to the front.  There is no rule, it’s my habit.

Tamagoyaki, Miso soup, and cooked rice.  It is a typical Japanese breakfast.

Tamagoyaki, Rolled Omelette with Scallion

is an egg.  卵(たまご) literally “egg”
is Japanese style rolled omelet.  Eggs are lightly beaten with dashi broth and soy sauce.  卵焼き(たまごやき) literally “egg grill”