Umeboshi Dressing

Umeboshi is an indispensable food for Japanese cuisine.

“Umeboshi” is a Japanese salt plum pickled, usually colored red with red perilla “Aka-Jiso” leaves.

Umeboshi, Japanese plum pickles
This red liquid is “Umezu” vinegar, which is by-product of Umeboshi product.  
Dressing ingredients : Mashed Umeboshi, Umezu (Umeboshi juice of pickling vinegar), soy sauce, olive oil, a bit of sugar
Umezu, Vinegar of Japanese plum pickles
Umeboshi and Umezu, Japanese plum pickles and its vinegar
In the summer, Umeboshi are dried in the sunshine.  (These photos were a greengrocer’s homemade in Yokohama city, taken in August.)
Umeboshi, Japanese plum pickles
“Aka-Jiso” to give their color to “Umeboshi”.
Wakayama pref.  is plum-producing district with good quality.
Umeboshi, Japanese plum pickles
Umeboshi, Japanese plum pickles
The label say “和歌山(南高梅)無添加(梅干) ((自家製))“, which means “Wakayama pref. (Nankobai*) additive-free (Umeboshi) ((homemade))”.  * It is pronounced also as Nankoume”.
南高梅” literally “south high plum” is a specie of plum that it is one of the most high-quality plums for Umeboshi.

Dressed with coarsely cut cucumber.

Cucumber with Umeboshi Dressing

is a pickled Japanese plum “Ume”.  梅干し(うめぼし) literally “dried plum”
is a red perilla, which is used mostly to give their color to “Umeboshi” and “Beni-Shoga”.  赤紫蘇(あかじそ) literally “red purple resuscitation”