“Kasu-Jiru” Sake Lees Soup

“Kasu-Jiru” is a Japanese culinary culture that I want to hand on to the next generation.

“Kasu-Jiru” is a “Sake-Kasu” soup with plenty of vegetables, popular as winter seasonal soup in Kansai region.
Cooking procedures are the same as miso soup, use “Sake-Kasu” instead of miso.

Sake-Kasu, Sake lees
Sake-Kasu, Sake lees

“Sake-Kasu” is sake (rice wine) lees, written “酒粕” in Kanji literally “sake less”.  It will be produced lees of about 25 % (by weight) in the brewing process of sake.

Consumption of sake is increasing in foreign countries.
On the other hand, domestic consumption is declining, down to less than half in the last 50 years.

So the distribution amount of sake lees have also been reduced.

Cooking of "Kasu-Jiru" Sake Lees Soup

Today’s ingredients :  daikon radish, carrot, shiitake mushroom, Abura-Age, konjac, Jako-Ten (a kind of fish cake)

Cooking of "Kasu-Jiru" Sake Lees Soup
Cooking of "Kasu-Jiru" Sake Lees Soup

Simmer them in dashi.    Add Sake-Kasu, and soy sauce to flavor.

Cooking of "Kasu-Jiru" Sake Lees Soup

My favorite soup!!

"Kasu-Jiru" Sake Lees Soup

is a by-product of Sake, it is the lees left over from Sake product. 酒粕(さけかす) literally “sake lees”