“Oden” Japanese hotchpotch

It’s winter. “Oden” season has come!!!

"Oden" Japanese hotchpotch

Oden is a Japanese hotchpotch stew for the winter season.

Cooking of "Oden" Japanese hotchpotch


Today’s ingredients :

daikon radish,  boiled egg,  potato,  konjac,  Gobo-Ten (a kind of fish cake, burdock root wrapped in),  Chikuwa,  Gyu-Suji (beef gristle),  Gobo (burdock root),  Atsu-Age.  

Simmered several ingredients in dashi broth over low heat.

Cooking of "Oden" Japanese hotchpotch

Ingredients of “Oden” vary according to region.
There is a remarkable difference between Kanto (Tokyo) region and Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka) region.

For example, “Gyu-Suji”
“Gyu-Suji” (also called “Suji”)  is  beef gristle and it is popular as an ingredient of “Oden” in Kansai, but in Kanto it is not eaten so much.
On the other hand, Knto people like “Suji-Kamaboko” (also called as “Suji”).  It is a kind of fish cake, not beef.


Both are called the same “Suji” in abbreviated name, but they are absolutely different.
I ordered “Suji” at restaurant in Tokyo at the first time in my life, I was knocked out.  :)

Cooking of "Oden" Japanese hotchpotch
Gyu-Suji, Beef gristle
If you try “Oden” in Japan, I hope you will check and enjoy them.
"Oden" Japanese hotchpotch

is a Japanese radish, Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus. 大根(だいこん) literally “big root”
is a boiled egg.  It is also called “Tamago” in abbreviated name. 茹で卵(ゆでたまご) literally “boiled egg”
is a potato. ジャガ芋(じゃがいも) literally “Jacatra potato”
is a konjac, which gelatinous paste is made from the root of Amorphophallus konjac. 蒟蒻(こんにゃく) literally “Amorphophallus konjac”
is a burdock root wrapped in fish cake. 牛蒡天(ごぼうてん
is a cylindrical fish sausage. 竹輪(ちくわ) literally “bamboo ring”
is a beef gristle which is popular as an ingredient of “Oden” in Kansai region.  It is called also “Suji”. 牛筋(ぎゅうすじ) literally “beef  muscle”
is a burdock root. 牛蒡(ごぼう
is a deep fried tofu sliced thickly. 厚揚げ(あつあげ) literally “thick fried”