Japanese Hot Pot of Pacific Cod “Tara-Chiri-Nabe”

I decided the dinner for tonight, when I was feeling the cold air of winter.

Tara, Pacific cod

“Nabe” one-pot dish is the best way to warm up the winter.  It is cooked at table and served from the pot direct.
Especially it is called “Chiri-Nabe” that is used a fillet of white fish mainly with vegetables and tofu.


Pacific cod is popular as white fish of “Chiri-Nabe” and that dish is called “Tara-Chiri-Nabe”.

Tara, Pacific cod


To be exact “Tara” has two species in the broad definition, “Ma-Dara” (Pacific cod) and “Sukeso-Dara” (Alaska pollock).
Commonly as an ingredient of “Nabe” it is used “Ma-Dara”.


“Ma-Dara” has a barbel, but “Sukeso-Dara” has no barbel.

Make soup stock with bony parts of a fish, which is called “Ara”.
Japanese Hot Pot of Pacific Cod "Tara-Chiri-Nabe"

Today’s ingredients  :
napa cabbage, Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), Shimeji mushroom, Enoki-Dake mushroom, Shirataki konjac, Kuzu-Kiri, tofu

Check the video of tonight’s dinner preparation. “HOT POT DISH WITH COD

Japanese Hot Pot of Pacific Cod "Tara-Chiri-Nabe"
Japanese Hot Pot of Pacific Cod "Tara-Chiri-Nabe"
Japanese Hot Pot of Pacific Cod "Tara-Chiri-Nabe"

is one-pot dish with Pacific cod with vegetables.  鱈ちり鍋(たらちりなべ)  literally “snow fish one-pot dish”
is a Pacific cod commonly.  To be exact “Tara” includes two species, “Ma-Dara” and “Sukeso-Dara”.  鱈(たら)  literally “snow fish”
is a Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus).  真鱈(まだら)  literally “genuine snow fish”
is an Alaska pollock  (Theragra chalcogramma), it is also called “Suketo-Dara”.  助惣鱈(すけそうだら) 介党鱈(すけとうだら)
is bony parts of a fish.  It is used to make stock and to cook simmered dish “Ara-daki”.  粗(あら) literally “coarsely”