Japanese Fried Rice “Yaki-Meshi”

“Yaki-Meshi” is very useful recipe to use up leftovers.

Japanese Fried Rice "Yaki-Meshi"

At the weekend, if you organize your refrigerator before food shopping, I’ll recommend you cooking “Yaki-Meshi”.

Any vegetables and protein foods are available.
– Vegetables  :  onion,  carrot,  bell pepper, lettuce,  mushroom,  pickles
– Protein foods  :  chicken,  pork,  canned tuna,  salty grilled fish,  sausage,  ham,  egg

Cooking of Japanese Fried Rice "Yaki-Meshi"
Cooking of Japanese Fried Rice "Yaki-Meshi"
Cooking of Japanese Fried Rice "Yaki-Meshi"
  1. Mince ingredients and fry them in pan, seasoned with salt and pepper. (at first proteinm, next vegetables)
  2. Add scrambled egg which cooked in another pan.
  3. Add cooked rice and fry until a little bit brown.
  4. Put soy sauce and Japanese Worcestershire sauce to flavor.  * Japanese Worcestershire sauce is a knack.


Onaka ga Suita!  Itadakimasu :)

Japanese Fried Rice "Yaki-Meshi"

is a fried rice with some vegetable and protein foods.  焼き飯(やきめし)  literally “broil rice”
is a Japanese Worcestershire sauce.  The taste and flavor is different from the original Worcestershire sauce.  ウスターソース(うすたーそーす)
Popular brand as below :  Kagome,  Bull-Dog,  S&B,  Kikkoman,  Ojika