Japanese Hot Pot of “Beni-Zuwai-Gani”

This crab is already gorgeous red before being cooked.

During the winter, a variety of crabs are sold at fish shop.  Zuwai-Gani, Taraba-Gani, Sego-Gani, etc.

If you see a large and slender red crab (not boiled) in Japan, that will be “Beni-Zuwai-Gani”,  Chionoecetes japonicus Rathbun, 1932.
It is written “紅楚蟹“, literally “red slender crab”.

Beni-Zuwai-Gani, Chionoecetes japonicus Rathbun,1932

On the other hand, there is more popular “Zuwai-Gani”, Chionoecetes opilio “楚蟹“.

Beni-Zuwai-Gani, Chionoecetes japonicus Rathbun,1932


Although they are very similar to each other in shape, the specie is different.

It is easy to distinguish them, because “Beni-Zuwai-Gani” is already gorgeous red before being cooked.


This color and texture is like a celluloid toy, feeling nostalgic.

Sea monster Kaiju.



There is  a digestive cecum in the shell.  It is ingredient of “Kani-Miso” which is popular as “Chinmi”.

Add sake to digestive cecum, and simmer them over low heat.
“Kani-Miso” fits with sake.
Beni-Zuwai-Gani, Chionoecetes japonicus Rathbun,1932

Today’s dinner is seafood “Yose-Nabe” with crab, oyster, and “Anko” monkfish.

Japanese Hot Pot of "Beni-Zuwai-Gani"
“Yose-Nabe” is a kind of one-pot dish and it is used flavored soup stock.
Japanese Hot Pot of "Beni-Zuwai-Gani"
Japanese Hot Pot of "Beni-Zuwai-Gani"


It is eaten with soup, generally no using a dipping sauce such as like “Ponzu”.


is a Chionoecetes japonicus Rathbun, 1932.  It is very similar to “Zuwai-Gani”, but different. “Beni-Zuwai-Gani” is already gorgeous red before being cooked. 紅楚蟹(べにずわいがに) literally “red slender crab”
is a Chionoecetes opilio.  It has some local name, known as “Matsuba-Gani” and “Echizen-Gani”. 楚蟹(ずわいがに) literally “slender crab”
is a kind of Japanese one-pot dish, used flavored soup stock.   It is eaten with soup generally, no using a dipping sauce such as like “Ponzu”. 寄せ鍋(よせなべ) literally “all-sorts pot”
is unusual delicacy food. 珍味(ちんみ) literally “rare taste”