Grilled “Kamasu” Japanese Barracuda

“Kamasu” Japanese Barracuda is written “梭子魚” in Kanji.
” is a shuttle, that is a tool used to pass the weaving of the weft.  “” is a child, “” a fish.

Kamasu, Japanese Barracuda

A beautiful round well-built body.

A tiny fish has appeared out of one of “Kamasu”, it might be a baby of “Aji” (Japanese horse mackerel).

Kamasu, Japanese Barracuda
Little fish


Staring at this little fish, I has recalled the picture.

"big catch (大漁)", painted by Nakajima Kiyoshi

In Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple there is a folding screen picture titled “big catch (大漁)”, painted by Nakajima Kiyoshi.
That picture is full of sadness and strength to live.


I’ve placed the baby oppositely-direction.

Kamasu, Japanese Barracuda

Sprinkle salt on “Kamasu” and the baby, broil in oven under grill.

Little fish


Nature puts no question and answers none which we mortals ask.
She has long ago taken her resolution.


-Walden –  Henry David Thoreau


Kamasu, Japanese Barracuda

is a Japanese barracuda (Sphyraenidae).  梭子魚 / 梭魚” literally “shuttle weaving fish”