Grilled Salted White Croaker “Shiro-Guchi”

“Shiro-Guchi” creates a confusion of name among White croaker, Nibe croaker, and Cardinal fish.

White croaker (Pennahia argentata) is called “Shiro-Guchi”, also known as “Ishimochi”.
It is written “白愚痴” literally “white crybaby”, because the sound like goo goo when it was caught is similar to crybaby.

Shiro-Guchi, White croaker (Pennahia argentata)

“Shiro-Guchi” is the same family with Nibe croaker (Nibea mitsukurii) called “Nibe”, so it is often misunderstanding that they are the same.
Their genius are different.

Shiro-Guchi, White croaker (Pennahia argentata)


How to distinguish by appearance.

It is very simple!
“Shiro-Guchi” has blackish spot on the gill cover, but “Nibe” dosen’t have them.  :)


On the other hand, in the world of scuba diving Cardinal fish is also called “Ishimochi”, here is another confusion.  :(

Sprinkle salt, then broil in oven under grill.

Grilled Salted White Croaker "Shiro-Guchi"


It was sold 150 yen at each.


Lunch with
good grilled fish, freshly cooked rice, and hot miso soup.


All satisfied!!


Breakfast of Grilled Salted White Croaker "Shiro-Guchi"

is a white croaker (Pennahia argentata), also known as “Ishimochi”. 白愚痴   literally “white crybaby”  *Derived that the sound like goo goo when caught, is similar to crybaby.
is a nibe croaker (Nibea mitsukurii).  It is often misunderstanding the same as “Shiro-Guchi”, but “Nibe” has no blackish spot on the gill cover. 鮸   literally “air bladder fish”  *免 has meaning of air bladder.