Japanese Potato Salad

Potato Salada is one of the most popular Japanese home dishes.

Japanese Potato Salad
What it takes to make a potato salad,  it is a mayonnaise.



Many of the Japanese like mayonnaise, and I’m sure that even some people are MAYO addict. :)

In Japan, various commercial products of mayonnaise are sold at a store, and offered a range of prices.  Among them most famous brand must be “Kuwpie Mayo”.  David Chang once called it “the best mayonnaise in the world” (Bon appétit).

Of course “Kuwpie Mayo” is cost-effective and good taste.


If you have an opportunity to visit Japan and find “Matsuda no Mayonnase (Kara-Kuchi) 松田のマヨネーズ 辛口“, I will recommend you to try it.



Japanese potato salad has a different texture from Olivier salad or Ensalada rusa.  Japanese is more sticky and thick.

Cooking of Japanese Potato Salad
Cooking of Japanese Potato Salad
Cooking of Japanese Potato Salad

What make the difference?

In the recipe of Olivier salad or Ensalada rusa, potato and carrot are cut into dice and added green pea.
On the other hand in Japanese recipe, potato is middle mashed, and carrot is sliced thinly, also cucumber.  Commonly green pea is not added.

  1. Boil or microwave potatoes, and half-mash them.
  2. Slice cucumber and carrot very thinly and sprinkle a salt.  After leave a few minutes, drain them.
  3. Add cucumber, carrot and sliced ham to half-mashed potato.  * Today I use diced and fried ham.
  4. Season with salt, pepper, vinegar, yogurt, Dijon mustard, and mayonnaise.


Love sticky, thick, but also very creamy texture.  Itadakimasu!

Japanese Potato Salad

is a potato. ジャガ芋(じゃがいも) literally “Jacatra potato”
is a cucumber.  胡瓜(きゅうり) literally “cucurbitaceous vegetable from ancient country in China”
is a carrot (aucus carota subsp. sativus).  人参(にんじん) literally “man visit”